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Data Security: How we are protecting our customers

Data Security

With identity fraud on the rise, keeping our personal information safe is essential, but with growing digital footprints, harder to manage.

Recent major hacking events over the last 12 months have served as a wake-up call for all businesses to tighten security measures

Here are some of the steps we take to protect our customer’s information;

  1. All applications that are developed inhouse by Vonex have a strict security framework. Every interaction that collects data is encrypted and we utilise security web tokens which are renewed every few hours.
  2. Data is stored in Australia on servers wholly owned by Vonex and housed instate-of-the-art Data Centres.
  3. Vonex core voice network is monitored in real time for unusual activity and anomalies to detect and mitigate any potential DDOS attacks.
  4. Customer services are constantly monitored for unusual activity and toll fraud. Our engineers are alerted via emails, sms and push notifications in an event an anomaly is detected.
  5. Any flag for unusual call activities will lead to suspension of accounts; of course, we will let you know if this is required and provide a solution to keep your business connected.
In addition, we are sure you will have heard the expression “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” the same rule applies to how we treat your customer information. Compartmentalisation is widely regarded as the most powerful way to protect personal information. This means limiting access to trained, trusted, and multi-factor authenticated team members who need it to perform a particular task or function.
Ultimately scams & hackers are evolving, as is the technology they use.

To keep pace, we must also evolve and conduct audits of our security and systems regularly.

Lastly, if the worst happens, we have insurance to facilitate the impact of any breach being compensated, and we will work hard never to have to use it.
As Australia’s fastest-growing telecommunications provider for business, hopefully, the above insight is reassuring and helpful. We pride ourselves on staying ‘always on’ and that includes being vigilant.
Find more information on our business phone system here.
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