Be prepared to escape the office, how to setup your business holiday greeting

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Escaping the office and not wanting to miss a message?

Step out of the office with the touch of a button and activate your holiday greeting. How? By using service flags.

Your channel partner can remotely and instantly create a code that, when dialed, will override your existing voicemail and directory system to let people know that you are out of the office.

This code is called a ‘Service Flag’, and if you don’t want ANOTHER number to have to remember, it can simply be set up as a button on your phone to push.

Activating service flags are great for when you are out for lunch, closed for the weekend, or better yet enjoying Christmas at the beach.

To make the most of the service flags you have created customise with your own message, to do this, you will be given a voicemail access code for Holiday Greetings (not your regular voicemail code).

Once you have the code, simply dial and record whatever message of the season that suits your business. So, now your greeting is all setup and ready to be turned on as you head out of the office. Simply activate the service flag with the button setup, and presto your greeting will now be played with your main office line is dialed.

All messages will be sent as voicemail to email so you can recieve them where you are holidaying. Easy.

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Want to talk to a real person? Ask us any questions, and as long as they’re about our plans, we’re ready to talk to you.


Want to talk to a real person? Ask us any questions, and as long as they’re about our plans, we’re ready to talk to you.