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A new era of connectivity with Vonex

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A new era of connectivity is on the horizon. The telecommunications sector continues to be a critical force for growth, innovation, and disruption across multiple industries.

Oper8tor Conference Beta Testing Progress

Vonex is progressing well through beta testing of the Oper8tor aggregated communications app, successfully facilitating more than 1,000 conference calls over the past month through the Oper8tor Conference product.

Oper8tor Conference combines real-time voice and collaboration notes from all conference participants. Targeting the corporate/enterprise market, this is the first of three distinct Oper8tor products Vonex plans to commercialise, together seamlessly linking all voice calls and messages across multiple platforms and devices around the world Beta testing continues to contribute valuable feedback to refine Oper8tor’s product features and functionality.

General public now invited to sign up to beta test Oper8tor Conference via web browser, with the iOS and Android app versions of Oper8tor Conference available soon Telecommunications innovator Vonex Limited (“Vonex” or the “Company”) (ASX: VN8) is pleased to announce that it is making rapid progress through its beta testing of Oper8tor Conference.

Oper8tor Conference is the first pillar of Vonex’s minimum viable product (“MVP”) for its Oper8tor aggregated communications app, which will comprise Conference, Voice and Message platforms, with launch in Europe scheduled for the first half of CY19. Through this app, Vonex aims to disrupt the communications industry by providing a means of seamlessly linking all voice calls and messages across multiple platforms and devices around the world.

The Company is developing the Oper8tor Conference component of Oper8tor to address the shortcomings of traditional conferencing software. Vonex’s solution removes clutter and provides a streamlined alternative with features that add value for enterprise and end users. Oper8tor Conference, like all other Oper8tor components, will focus on ease of use and functionality, empowering users to schedule and join conferences with minimal hassle.

The Company is pleased to announce that beta testing of Oper8tor Conference to date has seen Vonex successfully facilitate more than 1,000 conference calls over the past month. Beta testing is now available to the general public who can sign up via https://bigvoice. vonex.com.au/. Once registered, the platform can be used immediately. Upon signing up to Oper8tor Conference, users can do the following: Manage, schedule and track all participants in browser Pull every participant into the call/conference via the push of a button using call blast technology Create and edit collaborative real time notes against set agenda points, which can be played back in the conference recording Replay any conference voice recording at any time

Vonex Managing Director, Matt Fahey, said:

“While Oper8tor Conference is a major technology component of the Oper8tor App, early testing and feedback highlights the potential to launch Conference as a standalone product. We are pleased with the rapid progress our Melbourne development team continues to achieve, and encourage all stakeholders and interested parties to test Oper8tor Conference for themselves. Our Melbourne office has an open door policy: we welcome feedback and relish the opportunity to meet customers’ needs more directly.”

Oper8tor Conference is built on the WebRTC framework, which is a leading open source solution supported by Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Android and iOS. The framework is scalable, and with sound planning and design practices, Oper8tor Conference can handle substantial load and provide a highly reliable service to users. The iOS and Android app version of Oper8tor Conference will be available in December with testing of the browser version ongoing.

For more details, please contact:

Matthew Fahey
Managing Director Vonex Ltd
E: matt@vonex.com.au

Tim Dohrmann
NWR Communications
Investor and Media Enquiries
E: tim@nwrcommunications.com.au

About Vonex

Vonex is a full service, award-winning telecommunications service provider selling mobile, internet, traditional fixed lines, and hosted PBX and VoIP services – predominately to the small to medium enterprise (“SME”) customer under the Vonex brand. The Company also provides wholesale customers, such as internet service providers, access to the core Vonex PBX and call termination services at wholesale rates via a white label model.

Vonex also develops new technologies in the telecommunications industry, including a feature-rich cloud- hosted PBX system. Vonex is also developing the Oper8tor App, a multi-platform real-time voice, messaging and social media app that allows users to connect with all social media friends, followers and contacts across different social medias, all consolidated into one app.
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