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Cloud Phone System Features

The Attendant that knows where to send your calls when they come in, what to do when they aren’t being answered quickly and makes sure your company never misses an opportunity.


Also known as your new digital receptionist it can announce a company’s name, followed by a selection of dialling options.

Voicemail, it’s great but not if you can’t get back to your desk phone to check it. Those days are over with this feature. Voicemails are now sent straight to your email when they are left, and you can listen anywhere.
Hunt groups are used to ring multiple extensions in order to find someone who can take a call. Any number of people in your business can be chosen to belong to a hunt group and would experience their phones ringing simultaneously. The first to answer will take the call.

Engage with your customers better whilst they wait for their call to be answered, play music or promote what you do.

Call queue does the juggling of multiple calls coming in at the same time for you all whilst keeping your customers entertained with music and pre-recorded messages whilst they wait. It can even give a customer the power to have their call returned once a line in your team becomes available. 


Say you have a division in your business you would like a customer to specifically reach; for example, your sales team. In this instance, upon selecting a prompt for this division, or dialling a specific sales contacts phone number customers are placed inside a queue, allowing specific colleagues to deal with incoming calls without losing other customers to busy signals or unanswered phones.

In the office or out, automatically add a fixed line number to your mobile device so you can both make and receive calls to that number wherever your business takes you.

On a call and need to switch from one phone device to another without disrupting the conversation? Too easy, with ONdesk you can take that call from your desk to your mobile in seconds and continue your conversation on the go.

Collaborate better, be joined by up to 1,000 people on a call with a dedicated number. This can be done on the fly, with no expensive set up fees.

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For agile businesses that never miss a call

Using ONdesk is as simple as activating a license, plugging in your phones and making a call. You have the freedom to choose to own your phone outright or mix and match any of our Quality Assured phone plans, including conferencing and cordless options, to get a result second to none.

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Transition your existing hardware seamlessly

SIP lines are excellent when you have an existing system that you want to continue to make the most of. We know that traditional systems aren’t cheap to install and getting mileage out of existing infrastructure is important. Not everyone is ready to jump into the cloud and these plans allow you to transition to new technology seamlessly.
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A scalable option for business expansion

Our Lineshare plans are designed to match your organisation’s supply and demand efficiently through sharing a preselected number of phone lines across any number of handsets. This means you can keep all of your employees’ numbers active, while only paying for the phone lines that you actually use. It’s the intelligent way to communicate.

Pay for what you use

Standard Plans

This plan is for teams who have a low outbound call volume and only wants to pay for the small amount of calls they make.

Plus Plans

With a healthy amount of included local/national/mobile calls, this plan is ideal for businesses that still want to pay as they go and have moderate usage.

Unlimited Plans

This plan is best suited to those constantly making outbound calls and don’t want to worry about monthly bill fluctuations.

Choose your lines

Current Offer

Free softphone app for new customers
New Vonex customers will be able to use the Vonex softphone app for free when you purchase a handset with your Lineshare plan. We are also offering 6 months free for existing customers to help keep businesses always on, whether you’re working from home or out on the job.
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