In business, just like life – the truth matters.

Talk to a Telco that tells the truth.


Doesn’t anyone tell the truth anymore? It sometimes doesn’t feel like it!

At Vonex we’ve decided to do out little bit to bring back the truth. If you’d like to start getting honest with us, share your own stories and lets bring some truth back into the world. In the meantime we’ve put together some little bits of honesty to help navigate a confusing world.

Don’t forget to keep coming back as we’ll update this page with more truisms.

The truth about second hand cars
The truth about second hand cars II
The truth about dining out
The truth about real estate

The truth matters

In business just like life, the truth matters. We all have our own personal horror stories about signing up for the business plan that didn’t quite cut it, or the time someone called you up and downright lied about the NBN!

At Vonex we do things a little differently, if you want to know the truth about the NBN and how it will affect your business, talk to one of our independent distributors for a hassle free no obligation valuation of your Telco needs.

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