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Principal Carrier Information

  • Vonex Service
    Principal Carrier
  • IP Telephony
    Symbio Networks, Vocus
  • Rebill PSTN
  • Mobile
    Optus, Inabox (Via Telstra)
  • Internet
    Optus, NBN Direct, Vocus, AAPT, Telstra and Inabox
Vonex is not affiliated for related to any of the principal carriers listed.

Consumers with disabilities

Vonex is currently unable to offer specific services for people with disabilities.

Appointing an authorised representative

Nominating a person as an Authorised Representative means you authorise them to inquire about, accept and create charges on your account, as well as providing them with access to your personal information.

Please remember that The original legal lessee will still remain legally responsible for all charges on the account.

Authorised Representative holders can make a variety of account request types, with the exception of the following:

  • Connect a new stand-alone service / product in the account holder’s name
  • Request access to 1900 numbers
  • Add / remove additional Third Party Authorities
  • Agree to re-contract/agree to a new contract
  • Restart/reopen an account holder’s service after a full disconnect or after the account is disconnected due to financial reasons
  • Change the account holder’s security details such as date of birth, internet username, PIN, address, password or driver’s licence number
  • Process a Change of Account Holder/Change of Ownership
  • Arrange service relocation (unless the account holder specifically advises Vonex in advance of a relocation that an Authroised Representative will be calling to organise)
  • Change a phone number
  • Complete a long distance transfer (churn) form (unless authorised by account holder).
  • Convert a service from residential to business or vice versa
  • Update the billing address
  • Request a copy of the customer care notes

To add a person as an authorised representative on your account please contact us on 1800 828 668 or email us at helpdesk@vonex.com.au

Spend management tools

Vonex offers an online customer portal that provides up to date billing information. This is available for all customers at not cost and is accessed by clicking on the View My Bill link at the top of our website. By entering your account number and password you can access the following information that can assist in your current spend.

  • View Your Statements- this provides the complete billing history from the very first account, either as downloadable PDFs, or summary information
  • Unbilled Usage Summary- this shows any call information that has been received since the last bill was issued, this can be downloaded as a PDF or excel spreadsheet. The typical delay in call information is 24-48 hours, however for some calls to mobile and any roaming charges this could be up to three months due to delays in overseas supplier information.

Customers can contact Vonex on 1800 828 668 or email helpdesk@vonex.com.au to request details on current spend.

How to estimate your internet usage- this helpful guide will assist in determining what size plan you should choose click here.

Vonex new offers a number of plans for Mobile, Fibre, IPVoice and NBN that provide all inclusive pricing to help limit total telecommunication expenditure.

IP Voice Security Tools

In the Hosted PBX environment it is possible to control/restrict the outgoing capabilities of an IP Handset by simply defining the Dial Plans that are used for the IP customer. Dialling rules can be setup by Vonex in the following classes:

  1. Unrestricted
  2. Restrict all International Calls/ 1900 numbers
  3. Restrict all International/National/ 1900 numbers
  4. Restrict all International/National/1900/Local Calls – Emergency Only

The advantage of using a specific dial plan on the PBX allows the customer to define what numbers any of the IP handsets dial.

To activate one of these features please contact Vonex on 1800 828 668 or email helpdesk@vonex.com.au. Call Control Activation can take up to 24 hours.

There are no costs for setting up Dial Plans in the PBX for specific Call Control.

The attached PABX hacking document here, details how to protect your business PABX from being hacked.